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Q: What are your masks made from, and what features do they include?

A: Each non-medical mask is made with two layers of quality pre-washed cotton. A layer of non-woven fusible interfacing is available to add on ordering for made-to-order masks. Each mask includes a fabric channel for a nose wire, and a flat flexible tin strip which can be removed for watching. I offer both fabric ties and 3mm elastic ear loops.

Q: Which style should I get?

A: I offer two styles currently - a 3D pleated style which includes darts at the nose and chin to improve fit, and a fitted style which forms well to the face and does not come up as high on the cheeks but does have a less forgiving fit.

If you have any questions about fit please email us at and we'll help you make a decision!

  • The 3D pleated mask is what we recommend for most clients. These masks fit the whole face and have a gapless seal while maintaining enough space to speak comfortably. This fit will help avoid glasses fog and is comfortable to wear with a secondary mask underneath. Many people have found these masks to be great for long term wear and for exercise.
  • The fitted mask style (often called "ninja" style) comes in S/M and M/L. The smaller size is a good fit for kids over about 8 and for adults with small, thin faces. The M/L size fits "average" adult faces, but is prone to pull off the nose when speaking and does sit quite close to the face. Some people much prefer this style, so we're happy to offer it for most fabrics.


Q: Why don’t you have a certain pride flag?

A: Probably because no one has asked for one yet, or because I don’t have the right fabric colors at the moment! Please contact me if there’s something you’d like, chances are I can make it.

Q: How long do orders take?

A: Unless otherwise indicated, all masks are made to order. I aim for a turn around time of 7-10 business days. Rush orders are available for an additional fee.


Q: Will these masks protect me from COVID-19 or other illnesses?

A: Cloth face coverings, or non-medical masks, can not be guaranteed to keep you safe. The CDC and Canadian Public Health Agency, as well as many other leaders in medical and scientific fields, suggest wearing a mask in public when social distancing measures cannot be taken. Research indicates that this can significantly reduce the chance of transmission between individuals, which may be particularly important when a number of infected people do not show symptoms.

Q: Can I breathe in these masks?

A: Most people find these masks very breathable. If you are worried about this I would suggest not adding interfacing to your order. There is of course a trade off on comfort when covering your face with fabric.

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