Custom Embroidered Pronouns

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Add your pronouns to your mask, done by hand by a local community member!

We're thrilled to have partnered with Aslak, a non-binary artist living in Victoria, BC. By embroidering pronouns on masks, fe seeks to normalize the use of neo-pronouns (as fe uses for fenself) and decrease misgendering in the community at large.

Choose between two (subjective and objective) or three (subjective, objective, and possessive) and Aslak will pick a color fe thinks will contrast nicely. If you have a specific color in mind or would like multiple colors feel free to ask us directly!

If your pronoun set is missing from the options listed, or you prefer a blend of pronouns and would like that reflected on your mask, please choose the "unlisted" option and send us an email, we're happy to get it done for you and to add any missing pronoun sets