Underwear Trials

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*South Vancouver Island Only*

I'm working on a made to measure underwear line and working on drafting different sizes, so I've decided to offer some reduced-rate custom underwear while I practice sizing and play with different styles.

*Boxers coming soon, just finalizing my base pattern*

There are four measurements I need from you, which you can send me or I can come take for you, and I will then draft a pair of underwear for you and make them up in one of the fabrics I have on hand. I have various colors, materials, and styles available but as I'm not carrying any proper stock yet I'm giving limited options. You can choose between lacey, strappy, plain, or over the top; and a brief, bikini, or thong cut. Colors will vary based on what I have on hand If you have specific ideas let me know, and we can work to find something you like!

Underwear is sliding scale, $15-35 (suggested price $20-$30) to cover materials and a bit of labor (higher amounts will lead to fancier underwear, since I'll be able to cover the cost of hardware and more explorative additions!) Any extra will go into buying new supplies to test out and purchasing an initial stock of fabric and notions for the official launch (timing info coming soon!)

Measurements and Information needed:


1. Waist, see product photos

2. Hips, see product photos

3. Crotch Depth measured sitting, from waist height to the chair, see product photos

4. Hip Depth, measured from the waist to the hip, see product photos

5. Gusset (Crotch) Width - the gusset usually turns out around 2-3" wide, let me know if you need extra space